A Planning Meeting

Several days ago my two companions and I gathered in Arizona to plan our trip.  It took most of one day to figure out the stops and the extra days to spend while walking to Santiago and getting to the Ocean which we plan to do by bus and spend a day in Finisterre, Spain.  The trip will take 50-60 days.  Most of it walking with a few days for rest along the way.  We made a commitment that each of us will walk a 12, 12 15 mile stretch in 3 days before we book our trip by the end of the year.  I can barely walk 4 miles a day right now but I am determined to make this happen.  So I ask all of you to help me along the way and let me know that you are rooting for me along the way.  I will be checking in periodically to let you know my progress.

Beginning the Journey

A few months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to walk the Camino. I only knew of one person who walked the Camino. Yet for weeks I kept hearing about the Camino. In late May I decide to prepare for the walk of a lifetime.  

Preparing for this long walk is not easy.  I have a Fitbit and I am working up to the nearly 25000 steps per day I will need to walk for 45-60 days.  I am at 6000 now and have had a 12000+ day walking.  I am riding a bicycle to strengthen the knees and I am hopeful I will take these steps one at a time.

I signed up with Americans on the Camino and joined the Atlanta Chapter.  Creating a list of what to bring is daunting as I will walk with a backpack and have another case transported to the next location.  Keeping weight to a minimum is daunting as I will also be carrying water for the 8-12 miles per day I will travel.  I do plan to use trekking poles and I am learning how to use them so they are not cumbersome and feel like an extension of my arm.  The exact day I will leave is not set yet but 2017 seems like a great time to start the journey.

I will add to the blog as time passes on my progress.